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virtual services now available.

Most of this project can now be done virtually via the use of video meetings and shared document drives.  Whether in person on on the internet, we will work together, to ensure that your programs meet the SQF Code before your audit date arrives. 

Reviewing your current programs to assess whether they meet the intention of the SQF Code. 
Update any programs that don't meet the intention of the SQF Code.
Create any "missing" documents and programs that you still need to meet the intention of the SQF Code. 

SQF Gap Assessment 
SQF Implementation Assistance
Facility and Employee Observations/Audits
SOP Development
Record Development
Sanitation and Environmental Monitoring Program Development
Regulatory Consulting 
Facility Inspection and Advice
Food Security Risk Assessment
Food Fraud Risk Assessment
Preventive Maintenance Program Documentation
Employee and Management Training 
HACCP Plan Development Validation and Verification of HACCP Plans
Preventive Controls Plan Documentation
Recall and Traceability Program Development
SQF Facility Audit Preparation
Audit Corrective Action Support
Overall Project Management and Support
Training and Education on how to use these programs 


I typically begin by performing a GAP Assessment on both the facility and any existing company policies. I will then work with Management to develop a personalized approach that will ultimately prepare the facility, as well as the employees, to pass the SQF certification audit. I take pride in assisting companies in the development and implementation of the entire SQF Code, ensuring that the employees know how to manage the program effectively going forward.

my unique


Task: Learn about your specific company and how you currently do things, see what you already have in place, and then determine what you still need in order to meet the SQF Code and Regulatory Requirements.... then customize a unique plan structured for your business.

Action: Provide your Practitioner and Management Team with guidance and assistance in SQF implementation, program development, training,and project management that fits your specific company practices and abilities. 

Result:  SQF Certificate, happy customers, and a robust food safety program.

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