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What is SQF? and why do I want it? 

As our supply chains get more and more complicated, it becomes increasingly important to be able to show customers and regulatory agencies that you have a robust Food Safety Program that goes beyond just HACCP.  Many facilities are being asked to implement SQF, or one of the other Global Food Safety Initiatives such as BRC, IFS, or FSC 22000, in order to retain certain customers.  Some are being asked or even required to be certified in order to gain certain customer accounts. Some simply wish to take their current food safety programs to the next level of excellence so as to remain competitive within their market(s).  Whatever the reason, there are many benefits to implementing the SQF program (or any of the GFSI schemes for that matter). 

Buyers want to feel confident in your final product.  This is especially true when their brand name is being placed on it.  They want to know that your systems are well managed, well documented, and that your products are less likely to cause illness or to be involved in a recall or market withdrawal. 

You can learn more about SQF by visiting  There you will find a plethora of information and you can also access a list of sites that are already SQF Certified and a list of Certified SQF Consultants.

SQF is one of the certification schemes being recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) along with BRC, IFS, and FSC 22000. SQF is a globally recognized food safety and quality management system that is being implemented by:

-Food Manufacturers

-Packaging Manufacturers


-Brokers and Distributors

So why am I trumpeting SQF specifically?  One reason is because, based on my experience and observations made over the past six years, it seems to be the more popular choice in the industries that I have served (which has been cheese, lactose, low acid/acidified foods, honey, ingredient manufacturers, warehouse and distribution facilities, and brokers).  I also have witnessed firsthand how the SQF Code has greatly benefited those who have chosen to undergo the implementation of it.

  • Globally Recognized

  • Promotes confidence in food safety, quality and legality

  • Enhances your marketability

  • Helps maintain customers

  • Attracts new customers

  • Provides a system for consistent improvement

  • Improves process management by helping to proactively identify and manage risk so as to avoid rework, withdrawals and recalls

  • Assesses and Mitigates Food Safety and Food Fraud risks

  • Addresses food safety requirements

  • Encourages accountability

  • Complies with regulatory requirements

  • And more...

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